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Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs)

Carlton wood (as you go down Acre Road it is the wood on the horizon, in front and slightly to the right) has been designated a "Site of Special Scientific Interest" (SSSI):




Status: Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) notified under Section 28 of the Wildlife and

Countryside Act 1981

Local Planning Authorities: South Cambridgeshire District Council

National Grid Reference: TL 654530

Ordnance Survey Sheet 1:50,000: 154 1:10,000: TL 65 SE

Date Notified (Under 1949 Act): Date of Last Revision:

Date Notified (Under 1981 Act): 1986 Date of Last Revision:

Area: 10.3 ha 25.5 ac

Other information: This is a new addition to the Cambridgeshire Schedule.

Description and Reasons for Notification

Carlton Wood is ancient and semi-natural and holds one of the finest of the few hornbeam stands in the county. In addition both the hornbeam and ash-maple stands are of a nationally uncommon variant containing oxlip Primula elatior.

The woodland is predominantly former coppice-with-standards of ash Fraxinus excelsior, field maple Acer campestre and hazel Corylus avellana with pedunculate oak Quercus robur.

Hornbeam Carpinus betulus is locally common. Ancient coppice stools of both hornbeam and ash are present.

There is a rich ground flora. Oxlips are locally abundant and a good range of other typical ancient woodland species are recorded including early-purple orchid Orchis mascula, herb-Paris Paris quadrifolia and wood sorrel Oxalis acetosella.

A wide ride is present and this provides a valuable habitat for many ‘woodland edge’ herbs and grasses and is likely to be of additional value for invertebrates.