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Here is my reply to Lesley's kind e-mail, and her reply to my reply...

To: Lesley Anderson
Sent: Saturday, March 16, 2002 12:57 PM
Subject: Re: Excellent!

Hi Lesley,

Wow! That must be the furthest access of the website so far. Just out of interest, how to you come to hear of it?

The cemetery at St Peter's has some well kept areas, and some not so well kept areas (where most of the older graves are). From a survey of the cemetery which I believe was done in the 1980s, I can
only see one Thurgood:

"In memory of / Walter Thurgood / died / August 26 1913 / aged 66 "

I believe that a lot of the gravestones had disappeared by then (certainly from the parish records I get the impression there had been a lot more burials, but I haven't counted - yet!).

From a rather poor memory of the churchyard I believe that this stone isn't there anymore (I think some old ones were laid flat under the grass) - I'll check next time I'm passing that end of the village.

Did you see the 1861 census on the website? (its here: )

This gives details of James and Mary. And George and William. Yes, you are right, James came from "Gt" Thurlow according to this site, but looking at the originals it looks more like a "Lt" after all... (I'll have to change that, Oops Sorry!). I think the Thurlows are about 1-2 miles from the Carlton Green end of Carlton.

The William Thurgood in the 1881 census (I've only transcribed some of it - I need to do the rest) doesn't look like the son of James as he has the wrong age. I don't have the copies of the originals of the 1881 census (unlike the rest) it's from a typed transcription - I will check the
originals next time I am at the record office.

It's a real shame that the census doesn't give the house names, apart from the really big places.

The 1871 census (sorry I've not had time to type this in yet!) has them 4 doors down from "The Woodman" (shown on the history page) which was owned by the Howards (John 36 Blacksmith from Brinkley, Susan 37 from Exning, George 10, William 9, Elizabeth 8 )

Walter lives next door to the Woodman (same side) and is 23, married to Elizabeth (20) son Arthur (1). 

4 doors down is listed as James (Ag Lab, 44 from Lt Thurlow), Mary (47), George (18), William (13), Louisa (11), Hester (9), Thomas (5), Kate? (2) 

5 doors down has some more Howards (George 37, Charlotte 35, Celia 9
Hustler? 6.

> Up until now, I had no idea what the area looked like

And you probably still don't! Sorry, I'll have to get some better photos taken sometime!

I don't know if it was for Lopham's hall. Probably, but it could equally well have been for the rectory (the rector would probably need a horse) or some of the other farms (Church Farm, Norney Farm, Cricks Farm). I guess it depended how far he walked to work!

> Are you interested in genealogy?

Well, only my own, and that of Carlton! One day I'll map the whole Carlton family tree! Only last week I discovered my Great-great-great-great-grandmother was French. There was always rumours of
french blood in the family, but no-one could remember where...

Well, got to go (dinner time) but I'll keep an eye out for all things Thurgood!


From: "Lesley Anderson" <>
Subject: Re: Excellent!
Date: 17 March 2002 02:04

Thanks so much for your reply - I didn't have the Walter burial in my
records. I have gone to the 1881 census and then back to 1841 where my
Thurgood's do appear, so perhaps the family "attached" themselves to a farm
and lived for over 40 years. I guess I'll have to check the all of the
parishes in area, but the Great Bradley area seems to be where a lot of them
lived! The William you mention in the 1881 census looks to be the cousin
connection as my direct ancestor was also William born in Carlton and left
to go to Chesterfield.

I look forward to hearing any other news of Carlton!

Take care,

Lesley Anderson
PS. I found your site by browsing through Google search I think!